solar-panel-formationIntroduction of Technology in Global Presence

From being an emerging fuel source 10 years ago, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) has transformed into a commercially viable energy-generating technology in over forty countries, thanks to technological advances and the availability of more effective and reliable equipment and machinery.

The global Solar PV market is expanding rapidly, with PV installations growing by 73%. The global solar PV cumulative installed capacity increased at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 42.8% from 1,790 MW in 2001 to 63,529 MW in 2011, of which 24,000 MW has been added in 2011.

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Leading Users of Photovoltaic Solar Tiles

There are various countries, like USA, Europe, Italy, Germany, France, Middle East, Africa, Asia & Pacific using solar panels & tiles. Now India has started using solar photovoltaic technology. India has good climatic condition to use this technology to generate independent electricity.

Sunbeam will provide best solution to solar electricity by using this building integrated, roof mounted & ground mounted solar panels in construction of Buildings, Hospitals, Malls, Software Companies, Industries, Factories etc. in facade project or roof tops. 


Sunbeam Solar Power India Pvt Ltd

After identifying the need of solar energy, we brought building integrated photovoltaic tiles & panels. With this objective we formed new entity SUNBEAM SOLAR POWER India pvt ltd.

The tiles come in 13 different colours and their passive elements, made of same size and with the same ceramic material.

We supplier, integrater & provide Solar farm Turnkey project solution. Instead of using glasses in facade we can use this PV tiles and generate our own electricity for our building depending upon the required electric consumption.

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Roof Mounted Solar Panels


Wall Integrated Solar Panels


Ground Mounted Solar Panels